Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Сurrently showing

Within this coursework I will analyse two adverts currently showing on T.V and say what image is created and what market is being targeted. Television Advertisements are costing about �7 Billion every year and are aiming for people (viewers) to buy their manufactured goods which they are advertising. The adverts which are shown on TV all over the world are very clever and effective because they are always trying to find a way to beat other competitors.

Analysis of the Archers advert

When we first look at the Archers Advert the primary optical area (POA) is a beautiful young woman. The primary optical area is the first place the eye goes when looking at an advertisement. The reason that this woman is POA is because she is dressed in white, modern clothing which contrasts with the dark gothic style background. The niche market of this advertisement is young single women who drink alcohol, when we look at this woman we see she is picking a lock with her hairclip. This is a very powerful image; it implies she is independent, resourceful, innovative and uses her initiative.